Mid-Spring Break

Yey, the summer is coming. Yet a lot to see this year it’s just the beginning and i am already enjoying the nature.

Mid-Spring Break, break from the daily routine I along with my nephew (Niyop-poontoong) went to visit nearby wheat field during sunset hour to enjoy the nature. He just finished his exam and in a break before the new session of the year (Regarding Nepali calendar) begins. Happy and little naughty always ready for an adventure; don’t like to remain idle either so, I took him to see the sunset and relax with the nature during the break. I am always happy to be with him. His presence makes my days better even when I am doing nothing and remain quite like a stone.

Sunset view over Chandragiri Height

We traveled few minutes to reach the place from where we can view the beautiful sunset. We talked about the school, friends and played together till the wee hour.

(Sunset view along wheat field over Chandragiri height West Kathmandu, Nepal)

I managed to capture some beautiful memories from the day (posted below as a gallery). He too posed for some photograph; some came out very beautiful when i get back home to review the images.

We really enjoyed the day and didn’t noticed the time passed. The sunset, beautiful wheat field, poses and everything that made my day a memorable one. 🙂


Flowers - skinnestrock79

Summer ’15

Apart from the daily activity so called “work” i am into the wild fresh green world enjoying the nature. Soft rain, overcast sky, green fresh air and the slippery narrow way; everything is cool 🙂 .

Here i have some of the beautiful memories from the green world hope you like it.